Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A year full of blessings!

Chinese New Year 2011

I’m quite sure that many will sigh with relief that the year of the ferocious tiger is over as we usher in the gentle peaceful year of the rabbit. For many, the cute adorable little rabbit is a much more welcomed sight than the frightening image of a tiger. Just the other day, I checked the internet to find out information about the Year of the Rabbit and this is what one website had to say about the year: “This year of the Metal Rabbit promises to bring much needed peace and tranquility.” Did you hear that? A year of peace and tranquility? This is truly good news for many of us who are so often afraid of turmoil and disturbances. Many would be hopping with joy like a rabbit knowing that it will be a year of good fortune, happiness and luck.

We often equate good fortune, happiness and luck as things that are subject to fate. There are greater forces beyond us that determine whether we would have a good year or a bad year. The type and number of crystals that we should display in our house or wear around our wrists; the colour of our hair; the animal zodiac and its influence throughout the year; the number of gold fish that I should rear in my aquarium.

Today’s gospel reading also speak about joy, it is the gospel of the 8 beatitudes. But it is a different kind of joy. A joy that can be found even in pain; a joy that can be experienced in the midst of problems; a joy that we can possess even when we possess nothing. It is the joy of the kingdom of God. It is a joy of trusting and believing in God and not in our own successes. The joy of the beatitudes can never be taken away from us because it is the joy of knowing that God is with us in both good as well as bad times. It is truly joyful news to know that even when things don’t seem to be going right in our lives, God is with us!

On this first day of the new year, I’m not going to tell you what’s your fortune for this year, whether you would be experiencing lots of good luck or bad. No. I have a much better prediction for year. It’s going to be great year, a year full of blessings, a year of true joy. Why? Because God has promised to be with you. If God is with you at all times, you don’t need good luck or good fengshui or good omens. God will be you sustaining you, giving you strength to bear with all the burdens of life. God will be with you to help you through the darkest moments. God will be with you guiding you when you feel lost. God will be with you comforting you in your loneliness and pain. God will be with you healing you, forgiving you and blessing you with his grace.

Happy New Year. May your year be full of blessings!